Terrible Trouble in Telar

Return to the Temple

Teleport to Telar

Drake, Briggs, Frank, Mike, Tordain and Grum prepared to teleport to Pazoli. They obtained armor for Tordain. They appeared outside the wall where the temple was located. Drake used pass wall to make an opening through the city wall into the temple. There were half-fiends, half-dragons and tieflings, so the group bombarded them with fireballs before engaging in melee. Frank ran upstairs to make sure that no pursuit would be coming from that direction while Grum put bodies into the portable hole. Motion at the trap door drew more fireballs from the group. They descended and headed to the door. Once opened, there were four half-dragons arrayed around the room. The group was aided in defeating them by two of the half-dragons hitting one of the others. Briggs made a dodo bird and Drake made a scarlet macaw. They used knock to open the door and were harried by Quasits on the way. Briggs decided to catch a quasit and imprison it in his handy haversack. They used knock on the door and needed to destroy orc zombies. Frank slowly headed through the passageway while Grum put bodies in the portable hole. More tieflings and half-dragons appeared in the passageway and were quickly dispatched. Three red half-dragons entered from the room and Grum engaged them at the doorway while Drake turned the ones in the back into Scarlet Macaws. Frank entered the large hall and saw a bugbear in the corner. He managed to free Ben the Bugbear by the time the party began trickling into the room. They faced some babau demons. Once those were defeated the group had the three with Detect Secret Doors canvas the walls. Tordain found one quickly. Some tieflings showed up before Briggs found one. Once they had determined that those were the only two, the group decided to try the door between the two passageways. Once opened, they saw a gate with two babaus. Off to one side was a half-fiend lich and across from him was an altar with two half-fiend minotaurs. A wall of fire appeared in the doorway, the group made a plan to dimension door to the altar, grab the pages and teleport to Maltese. Mortimer, Frank and Ben then teleported to Everett in the dwarf compound to deliver the page and cover. Drake, Grum and Tordain teleported to Maltese after providing distraction and then to Brakken.



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