Terrible Trouble in Telar

Rumors of Trouble in Telar

Carnivora gets started

Frank, Grum, Mortimer, Drake and Sariah asked around about the Telar rumors. They found out that the zombies seemed to be centered around the Odiferous Ward in Pazoli. The population seems to go about their daily lives. The team found details about the town and any changes in trade. There seemed to be no discernible change. Due to the war with Kalevala, they decided to head directly to Zor.

They found a tourist group headed to Pazoli. Frank found full plate admantite for Grum and a ring of sustenance for Mortimer. They spent a week at an inn keeping watch and listening to rumors. Frank’s tower was placed by the crevasse and was surrounded by zombies. They killed 50 zombies, 4 half dragon zombies, 4 tiefling zombies, 2 half dragons, 8 tieflings and a babau. They were left alone for the next few hours while they searched the bodies and then threw them into the crevasse. They moved the fortress to the first street north of the wall. Grum and Frank mowed down the hundred zombies that surrounded them, while others headed to the fanciest building.

Using greater invisibility and expeditious retreat they set the tower up three blocks in. Mortimer attacked the two half fiend minotaurs with maximized lightning arcs. Drake used magic missiles, revealing that shield was up. Frank and Grum finished them off. They approached the building and portable holed the bodies. Frank and Grum open the double doors, so that Mortimer and Drake can fireball inside. They took out 3 babaus, 4 half-fiend minotaurs and a half-fiend. While surveying the damage, a lightning bolt hit between them. Frank and Grum shot at him. At the top of the stairs they see an orgy going on (5 half-fiend and 6 succubi). Frank tackles Grum and forces him downstairs. Mortimer throws his necklace of fireballs and Drake casts fireball to set off the necklace. The team retreats to the tower expeditiously.

After seeing half-fiends enter and only the half-fiend minotaurs exit, the team decided to look for another exit. They found a trap door that had been covered with an illusion. There was an unlocked door at the end. A room with a door on the upper right and an arch on the far wall. There were 6 half-fiends. One was heading through the door when the team attacked. One ran through the archway while they others were defeated. The team went through the door to another hallway with a door at the end. It was magically locked, so Mortimer used Knock to open it. There were 10 orc zombies inside. Frank sprayed them with bullets and Mortimer fireballed them. The methane from their chamber pot in the corner was set on fire. The team retreated to regroup.



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