Terrible Trouble in Telar

Return to Telar

Exploring temple underground in Odiferous

Drake, Frank, Grum, Mortimer and Sariah met up with Briggs in Maltese and discussed what happened in Pazoli. The group decided to return via tourist airship again. They headed directly to the Odiferous Ward and cast spells in preparation for entering. Grum and Briggs took out 6 zombies in the first block, 5 in the second and 6 in the third. At the temple there were two half-fiend minotaurs guarding. Mortimer cast a lightning arc. A babau demon appeared behind the group near the sewage. Briggs attacked the babau demon. Grum charged a half-fiend minotaur. Frank shot the other half-fiend minotaur. Sariah shot the babau demon. The babau attacked Briggs. The half-fiend minotaurs both attacked Grum. Drake attacked the half-fiend minotaurs. Mortimer called lightning and cast acid to kill the babau. Frank shot the half-fiend minotaur. Grum and Sariah finished off one of them and wounded the other. Briggs turned the last one into a parakeet. Frank and Grum joked about shooting the parakeet.

Drake began fabricating a cage for Briggs’ parakeet. 5 zombies and 3 tieflings (invisible) approached. Briggs put 2 tieflings asleep. Grum, Sariah and Mortimer attacked the zombies. Frank sprayed the area in which the tieflings were located. The team escaped any real damage. Frank killed a zombie. Sariah did a bank shot off of a sleeping tiefling towards the awake tiefling’s gonads. He dodged into the burning sewage. Mortimer and Briggs attacked with magic and Grum entered melee with the tieflings. All of the attackers were finished off and then 5 live half dragons and 5 half dragon zombies approached from opposite sides. Briggs turned the first Acid half dragon to appear into a kiwi. Mortimer and Sariah attacked the half dragon zombies (2 lightning, 2 acid, 1 cold). Grum and Frank attacked the half dragons (acid, lightning and 2 cold). The zombies entered the healing zone. The acid and lightning HD attacked Grum in melee. The two cold used magic, one of which was cast in the wrong direction. Sariah, Mortimer and Frank finished off the zombies. Grum attacked the lightning half dragon. Brigs turned the acid half dragon into a kiwi. The three remaining half dragons entered into melee with Grum and ended up in a pile. Grum used his sword to push himself off of the pile. Both cold half dragons were killed and Briggs turned the lightning half dragon into a kiwi and it died, turning into a zombie. Briggs captured one of the live kiwis and the zombie kiwi. Frank put up his fortress and the team rested in order to recuperate. They decided to return to Maltese.



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